CIO In-Person Peer Advisory Groups

Most CIOs work in isolation and lack peer support for their unique challenges.

We organize and facilitate trusted, collaborative sessions for mutual learning.

What members get:

  • A trusted community
  • Confidentiality
  • Freedom from vendors
  • Consistency
  • Discussion and insight


Director of Technology - Hensel Phelps

I would tell another IT exec that if they are looking for a focused group of cross-industry IT executive peers to bounce challenges and ideas off of, and are willing to be a contributor as much as a participant, that our CIO/CTO mastermind is something they should consider.


CIO - Encore Electric

I think what’s most important for me is the trust and faith I have in my fellow mastermind CIOs. I know that they understand the demands of our jobs and this enables them to track the nuances and understand implications of the [unique situational problem].